Starting 1000x1800 build

Cant resist showing the start of my progress. Main frame is 30x60mm extrusion with 30x30 cross braces. New end plates are being made to lift everything up higher off the waste board and all of the t-track arrived yesterday to begin making the new waste board. I unfortunately have Christmas projects that have to be done before I can start stripping the 1000x1000 down! Will be updating as I make progress.


I too want to do this. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome man! I wish I could have that size but I just don’t have the space. I just finished my 750x1500, it was a lot of work but the payoff has been great!

Happy building :slight_smile:

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Where did you order your rails from?

I was lucky enough to have access to them for free and didn’t have to order them, but the manufacture is “maytec”. I do industrial engineering and we use these for modular conveyors that we build so they were pulled from our scrap area. There is a local supplier that we usually order from and I have sometimes seen online retailers sell them. 80/20 is comparable and seems to be easier to access for the consumer level. McMaster Carr also carries some that I have used for some small projects and was happy with.

First of four custom end plates to mount up the double slot of the 60mm extrusion and increased height to accommodate the thicker waste board. This was also my first shot at aluminum on the x-carve.