Starting a carve midway through the project

I have had a few projects that I had to stop at various stages. For an example, I broke a bit about 90% through a 1 hour carve. I shut down and restarted a couple days later when I got a new bit. I had to start the 1 hour project over even though 90% was already complete. Is there a way or can I recommend a feature to let me select to restart at a specific completion percentage like 50% or 80%.

There is currently no function in Easel that allow this.

There are two band-aids you can apply:

  • Edit the gcode, removing the previously carved section.
  • Override the feed rate during the previous carved part of the code so atleast less time is spent.

@NickD. One of the ways is to divide the carve into multiple carves. If you are using Easel separate the carves into different workpieces. If a bit breaks you only have to rerun that single workpiece before moving on to the next

Another bandaid option.
After the bit breaks, duplicate project into another work peice, then delete features that have been completed then carve remaining.

This, but I wouldn’t do this on an important piece unless you know what you’re looking at/for.

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I have broken bits and restarted carves by removing portions of G-code already carved. However, this can be a bit of problem. First, I had to know where to break the G-Code. Second, when you replace the bit, you have to re-zero or you could wind up cutting too shallow or too deep when you resume. On my machine, I can home and then add an offset. If I do all of this correctly, the new bit will exactly follow where its predecessor carved.


Absolutely true. Editing gcode require understanding.