Starting and ending Z position in easel

I’ve learned to pay better attention to my clamping positions, (I’ve carved a few) but still have a question about why easel starts a carve the way it does.

After setting my depth with a Z probe the spindle raises as is expected. When I tell it to carve the drops back down to near the material then goes to wherever the start of the cut is. After the carve it hovers above the material and goes back to home.

My question is this: Why doesn’t easel stay in raised position until it reaches the beginning of the carve and go back to that position at the end of the carve?

I understand these things can be accomplished using UGS (not that I know how to do this yet) but I don’t really see an advantage in Easel not staying raised before getting to it’s starting point or raising after the cut.

Easel has a safety height under Machine -> Advanced. That’s the value you need to change. Default is 0.15 I believe.

I’ll give that a look. Thank you very much. My clamps give you a tip of the hat as well!