Starting and stopping a project

I was wondering if there is any way to stop a project and pick up where you left off. Say that you had to change the bit. Right now if i stop the program it starts from the beginning again. If i pause it, why cant i begin where i left off??? Something for the programmers to consider!

Robert I think he is asking if you break a bit and want to start it in the same position from where the bit broke.

Thanks for responding. What i am really looking for is how to stop a project and then resume where you left off. Example: I am making a carving that takes 4.5 hours. At 2 hours i have to stop the machine to go home. The next morning i want to continue where i left off, instead i have to start the project over. The router will start from the beginning, not cutting what is already done and still run for 4.5 hours. Is there a way that i can tell the machine where to pick up where it left off.

Provided you click “Pause” during the carve and leave power on for the electornics/PC/USB you will be able to click “Resume” next day :slight_smile:

Thank you all for responding! This has been an interesting learning experience! I am still playing around with the machines capabilities. Still lots to learn.

Do you have the Xcontroller? It’s really easy on the Xcontroller.

There’s a pause button on the front panel. You hit that. By default, the Xcontroller stops the router and raises it to just below the machine zero point and, if you’re using a relay for the Dewalt, it turns off the router (and for me, it also turns off my vac connected to M8). When you’re ready you hit the resume button on the front panel and it will move the router down towards the workpiece, turn it on if using a relay, and resume the program. Everything has to stay on for that to work though.

Yes i have the “black box” and thanks for the info. One final question. Does the computer have to stay on with the easel program running all night ?


It may go to sleep mode but USB must be kept going, breaking USB power = disable/reset.
My Mac stay on always but frequently go into sleep mode while Easel is on / carving.
Pause/Resume next day have not been an issue for me.

Well, some of you may chastise me for this but here goes.
For a while now (on long carves like that) I have been letting the machine run while I’m out doing something else. (mow lawn, run to store, etc.)
But just last week I did my first “lights out” carve.
It was a 4 hour carve, it was getting late, so I turned out the lights, closed the door and went to bed.
Next morning the machine was in the home position, turned off and the carve complete.
Ok, lets have it ! ! !


It seems that Easel is causing the confusion here.
I run Mach3 and V-Carve Pro on my home build machine, and regularly have to stop my machine for call-outs.(The perks of being a manager)
What I have done with success is to record the line no where the machine paused, and goto that particular line number to restart the job.
Hope it helps.

What if there is a power bump in the middle of a carve

start over or edit your gcode to start where you left off.
battery backup would be ideal if you have brown outs.

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Have you had any luck on this? I’m running into the same problem. My carve is 37 hours! Can’t let it run straight for 37 hours obviously and need to stop it several times. When I hit pause on my X-Carve Pro the spindle continues to spin which I think totally defeats the purpose.

do you have a relay that turns on and off your router? If not that is why your router stays on. You can go to Amazon and buy a SSR40 DA this will start your router and shut it off