Starting from center position in Gcode

I am using a maslow machine and the starting position is the center of the plywood sheet. I am trying to generate the code from easel. I read the post there which is to run form a different posotion from the lower left but it is only when running the machine directly from easel (or I did not understand it properly) Carving from the Center – Inventables

I also tried to go into shape an set “center” but I have many shapes and it does not look like it modifies anything (the preview of the cutting path still start from the lower left corner).

Anything I am doing wrong and is it possible to generate the Gcode starting from the center?

Thank you for your help
Alexandre Bessy

You have to center your design on Easel’s lower left origin. You’ll lose the preview. It’s not ideal, but many do it.

Thank you. It seems to be working. I though I read the the G code should not be larger than the raw material so did no think that it was going to be generated outside the easel “sheet”.

Alexandre Bessy

It’s a weird behavior for the software for sure.

@AlexandreBessy It works just fine setting the x,y position in the center. I do it all the time and have many videos on doing just that. The machine does not care where the center is. Just make sure you have enough room on your machine when you set it up. As long as you have the router in the same place relative to the project as compared to the x,y position and the project on the design screen, it will work. With the Maslow CNC I assume that you always want to use the center as the x,y home position.

Thank you for your answer. I have to admit I am not 100% sure I understand what you mean by “it works just fine setting the x,y position in the center”. Do you mean that NeilFerreri1 solution should work? If so yes you are correct it worked. If not what you mean could you please specify? I found your YouTube channel, any recommendation on which video I should watch as an example?

Alexandre Bessy

Yes, what Neil said will work. I have done many videos placing the x,y home position in different places on the project. Go to the XCarve playlist. Most of them are there.

If you think of it this was, on the left side, the design side, consider you router bit at the x,y zero position at the bottom left corner. Now place your project on the x,y position anywhere you want, bottom left, center, top right, it does not matter. It only matters that what you have on the computer screen matches what is on the cnc machine. I did the pledge of aligience flag and place the x,y position on the top center edge. I hope I’m not confusing you. The easiest way to describe it is as long as the computer matches what you have on the machine it will work. Forget about the blue area and the white area on the screen.