Starting point

Hi all, I recently had a problem carving an image with easel which turned out to be a problem with my wifi not being able to reach my workshop, so I decided to create and save the g code using easels software as part of my pro package. I then took my lap top down to my workshop and tried carving the image using candle 1.1, this worked but unfortunately the XY starting points are completely different in candle compared to easel, any body now an easy fix for this please?

I haven’t used candle, but almost all CAM packages let the user set the origin point for the work coordinate fusion it’s part of a “setup” where you select either a model point or a stock point. Y default easel is set to the bottom left of the stock (technically it’s wherever you are when you press the set x-y zero, but the conceptual model onscreen is bottom left. Many cam packages for CNC machining default to top dead center (because it’s easier to find that after machining partly with a probe) so make sure to see what it is set to.

How would that manifest? Well imagine your work is a 4” square. The bottom left corner is 0,0 if you select that as your origin like in easel, but would be -2,-2 if top dead center was programmed. The machine moves relative to that 0,0.

You may want to consider downloading the stable classic version of the universal gcode sender. I use that offline and it works fine. When you home it’ll tell you where you are and you and set your own position just by resetting X, Y, and Z. It uses the reset position throughout the program. Because my version of GRBL shows home about -30" from where it really is, and because I don’t want to reflash GRBL, I just close up UGS after homing and re-open it so the work and machine positions are the same spot.

You can draw in Easel and save your Gcode to use later in UGS. I use a windows 7 laptop.

You can design your project in easel, then take your laptop to the workshop & start carving, you don’t need wifi to carve, i used this plenty of times before i ran wifi to the workshop.