Starting the work

When I start a project and get all set up and bring my unit down to touch the board and then press the raise the machine. It will raise and then goes to it’s starting point but will make several passes about an 1” up from the board and eventually it will start carving. But it will almost act like it’s carving so maybe outlining the work but seems like it takes 20 min before the bit will even get to the board? Any ideas as to what adjustments can be made so that it will start carving faster

All projects of yours or a specific one?

I don’t recall hearing a similar issue before.

If you start a blank Easel project and just draw a small circle or square to cut in a shallow outline, does it do it for that, too? (Something that should be a 10 second total carve.)

Is it air carving the project or random movement?

This just sounds like you’re setting your zero incorrectly. Try without the probe.

It’s all of them. Air carving you could say. I don’t use the zero probe

Air carving

@BrianNoone Are you actually setting the Z zero?

…and please describe HOW you set it all up in case there is a work flow issue.
Also, are you using Easel only or other software?

Easel only. I move the z down to my zero starting point. Then click on the raise button and it moves to where it will start the carve. And will air carve each pass it will move down like it actually cutting. Eventually it will get to the wood. Always will end up at the right cutting depth. Just not sure why it air carved from about 2-3” above the material.

I dont think you have set your work zero correctly.
If you can post your gcode from Easel / or share the Easel project we can take a look at it.

The following steps are okay in Easel:

  • Place your material to be carved onto the surface board
  • Jog the bit so its centered over the closest, left corner of your material
  • Lower it untill it touch the surface of your material
  • This corner is where Easel define its X/Y=0 grid
  • Click Carve -> Verify bit details -> Confirm material thickness -> Confirm Home position
  • Raise bit/power up the router and initiate Carve

What happens?

Try this