Starts cutting project than spindle just stops

I was trying to carve out the robot and name project it started out reversed so I changed $3=2 which seemed to resolve that issue than when I adjusted the name size in the project and when it started it went off the design and the spindle locked up. I than tried downloading it and running it from candle and it did the same thing. I’m not a Gcode person but it seems that the file in easel changed for no reason and follow with the download. I’m using a 3018 pro to start as a beginner
Before investing in something better which I should have just done to start with
What did I do wrong in easel for this to happen so I don’t do it again

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Likely your next move is an impending crash and the cnc auto stopped before crashing (oh the benefits of limit switches)
Its possible and quite likely the issue is the safety height.
In easel go to machine>general settings and reduce the safety and origin safety height to a more appropriate height for your machine, something like 2mm so long as there are no clamps in the path…

You will have to do this for Every project in Easel as this setting isn’t reused for new projects…

BUT its also possible the issue is an anticipated crash into the lower limit and to resolve that you may need to adjust the spindle in the clamp, to lower the spindle,

or a combination of both of these fixes…

You can Also read the alarm code # for more explanation in easel by b pressing ctrl+shift+D and seeing in the “console” section what the alarm number is. If its 1 or 2 then that is a limit switch or exceeding work area alarm fault code…

Thank you I will look at all of that

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Seth Thank you it was those saftey settings and also i had the bed size wrong. I am also having issues with UGS but I have evertyhing working with candle. What a big learning curve this is but I am not a person to give up And have completed a test project complete no issues

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