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Good afternoon. I’m having trouble with a carve wanting to start off material. I have the correct material size and did what I needed to do zero in middle of material. When I highlight the project the boxes around were bigger than they should be. I did combine and the box seemed to be at the correct size but it still tries to start off material.
Any help would be appreciated

Could there be something extra outside of what you want to carve that it is trying to get to? maybe something you had and forgot to delete?

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Sounds like a possibility. I will check. Thanks

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I checked and I am not seeing anything.

Hey David, this is usually caused by a lack of clarity of how center alignment for x,y zeros must be setup. Is your design in the proper location?

Here’s how it should be setup to use center as origin:

and if you think it’s setup right but want us to verify, you can share the project as shown in the 2nd half of this video:

This is what i was thinking. Setting zero in the center but not having the material off the cutting area in easel

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I was in the middle of a carve and all of a sudden my machine moved off the work piece and smacked into the home switch. Turned the machine off started again and same thing moves off the work piece

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Make sure there aren’t any elements the machine is trying to carve in the direction its moving. I’ve seen this with some people having small things things off the cut area that they didn’t know was there.

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