Steel keychain

Made a key chain from 1/8 steel and some leftover acrylic from jtec
The steel was cut on the xcarve then sanded and electropolished then finished on a buffing wheel.
The acrylic was done with the jtec 3.8 watt and also cut out the the jtec.
Brass rivets were made from some 1/8 rod I had and were annealed prior to installation.
Time was about 4 hours over a 3 day period.

the photos here are after sanding and after electropolishing

and here is after electropolishing then buffing I could further refine the polish with another dip in the electropolishing solution

etching vid not the best but it gives an idea.


I know people might look at me and shake their head at me cutting steel on a xcarve. I know a xcarve is not even close to a haas cnc machine but when you have seen a cnc milling steel at 15,000rpm moving 300ipm doing production work and getting 18 hours of tool life The crazy in me says hey I gotta try that.


Dude, you’ve inspired me. The fact that you’ve done all of the legwork to cut steel with an XC is HUGE. Thanks for helping me justify the purchase even more and expanding our horizons…

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Don’t know about leg work but I did a lot of sitting reading and waking up with the alphabet imprinted in my head from the keyboard.


Awesome work

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electropolishing video oportunity @PhilJohnson :slight_smile:

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Pretty please @ShaneBell :blush:


This is a useful article for DIY electropolishing

Did a vid on it and did not like it Might redo it tomorrow when I get home from work.


ya gets yer metal, then yer ‘letrcity, rub ‘em together an’ i have no freakin’ idea what i am talkin about…

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reciprocation dingle arm…


I almost understood most of that, but what impresses me is that he spewed all of it with a straight face!

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Wall charger or battery charger and a few chemicals thats about it. same as electro etching and opposite of electro plating.


Looks great, nice work.

I should have choose my wording better. what I did was more of a etching process to remove some scratches to give better results when polishing. The process I am using by the time it would polish it would also be pitted very badly but that also can be used to give another look to a item.