STEM ideas for Elementary

Looking to expand our maker spaces at the elementary school level. We were looking at 3d printers like we run at the high school/middle school. However, I think to work on the 2/2.5D plane and especially with easel would have a way smaller learning curve over 3d modeling. Any Elementry teachers out there?

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I’m a teacher (not elementary). I’d be happy to help, but I’m not sure what you’re asking. The nice thing about 3D printers in that setting is that they are pretty hands off. You just run a file through a slicing program and print. There’s no reason for any tiny hands to go near any dangerous parts. For modeling, with kids that age, Tinkercad is a good start. Is this for a class or for kids to do on their own time?

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I agree Tinkercad is pretty easy, we use it at the middle school and then progress to fusion 360 at the high school. However, I was thinking about the image trace and the 2/2.5d easel. From a creation standpoint seems much easier Tinkercad.

Tinkercad will import (and export) SVGs and it has a pretty basic handling for imported images as well. Easel won’t help with your 3D printers.

I know, I was looking to go the route of CNC instead of 3d printers for elementary. Aka they can learn tinkercad in middle school. I wanted to get them started in CNC at the Elementary level and looking for project ideas.

Gotcha…I think the mosaic tiles idea is a great project to get started with Easel.