Step motor problem

hi friend…first sorry to my english its not good.i 'd to ask something about step motor action…you can see the videos on youtube… the problem is i always move same direction to motors the ones want to get reverse direction and the other ones dont want to turn like lazzy motors…
is there anyone can see like that problem? what can i change on my project? step motors or , drivers or power supply? …?

Do one motor spin only one direction despite you trying to jog both ways?

=> one of the 4 motor wires to that stepper have poor/no contact.

Check your connections on back of the controller to make sure the colors are in the correct spot and solidly connected. Then go through the x carve setup again. If the direction isn’t correct for an axis, you can change it there.

If two motors that is expected to turn the same corresponding way, like Y1 and Y2 motors and one always go the wrong direction, change A+/A- over to A-/A+.