Step Motors Sticking

So I ran a carve over the weekend and everything was going smoothly, but about 3 hours in the step motors skipped and caused the carve to shift about 4 inches in the y-axis (ruining the piece). I checked the tightness on the belts and moved the machine back and forth a few times using the control arrow and i did get the y motors to skip a few times. Anyone know whats going on here that can provide some insight? It occurs very randomly

Double check your v wheels and that the set screws on the motor pulleys are ok (they can vibrate loose)
Check your gshield.
Mine is right next to the machine and I started to have Y axis issues. I opened up the case to discover the stepper driver chips caked in dust and overheating - causing missed steps.
I used some caned air to clean them off and all was good.
(For now I check it regularly. But I really need to build it an enclosure with an air filter and located a bit further away from the machine.)


Thank you for the insight. I have been cleaning off the tracks for the v wheels regularly because I haven’t found a dust boot i like yet. I also have had my Gshield next to the machine so i am sure this is the problem I will blow it out and try again.