Step over width

I’m milling a piece of wood, using a 5/8" straight bit. It’s only taking off 1/32" (width) with each pass. How do I change the step over to 3/8". Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

Easel -> Machine -> Advanced -> Step Over (40% being default, based on input bit diameter)

If you are using a different program let us know.

Thank You

Using 5/8" straight bit, set step over at 75%, still milling 1/32" (or less). Using Easel. Am I missing something?

Is the steps per millimeter calibrated?
If you command a 1" jog will the axis move 1"?

yes, everything is working fine, except the step over.

It could be just a fluke…but I am assuming you have entered the correct bit diameter in Easel?

If possible, you could also share publicly your Easel file.

Bit diameter is entered correctly. As to sharing file publicly, not sure how to do that.

hope this is it

Says here 0.625mm, does it do the same on your end?

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Time for me to take a break. It’s mm and not inches, man I feel like a fool. thanks for pointing that out.

No worries, sometimes a minor detail is all that is lacking :slight_smile: