Step over %

is there a reason easel defaults to a 40% step over? isn’t that excessive? shouldn’t it be around 8%.
I seem to be getting a lot of deep tooling marks in my work that are very hard to sand out. anybody have an idea?

Those tooling lines look rather severe, as if you’ve got some other issue (at first glance, it looks like your bit might not be flat-bottomed, or it might be angled on one axis). Do you have any other photos so we can see better what’s happening?
Specifically, I’m looking for example at the center of that tree, i.e. the innermost ‘ring’ of cuts: there are shadows below the cut above and shadows below the center of the region, which suggests that it cut a sort of ‘hill’. That makes me think you’re either using a rounded-over bit, e.g. a ball-nose, or that your bit has become rounded or non-flat somehow.

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40-45% is standard on flat endmills. Just under half for optimal cuts and long tool life. For ball nose endmills 8% would be acceptable, although also on the “small-stepover - long cutting times” part of the spectrum.

If that tree was carved with a flat endmill, it’s probably not parallel to the wasteboard.


I was using a flat bit. brand new from inventables. I don’t have anymore pics at this time. I can get more later.

Get a picture of your end mill too.