Step Sided Monster

Hello forum.

I have a slot I am carving in Walnut, all m/c settings fine, but I have 2 issues

  1. Shudder on X axis pass
  2. Step side on one side of slot, Y axis.

Still love my X carve even though it takes a lot of tinkering to get things bob on.


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A photo of the result would help, but I think you have two potential issues:

  1. Shudder can result if you are carving too aggressively. Try reducing your depth per pass, or slow your feed rate (not so much that you get burn marks).

  2. The stepping on one side of a profile cut suggests that your spindle is out of tram. You will need to make sure your spindle is perfectly straight and perpendicular to your wasteboard.

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Nailed it! Both pieces of advice were spot on!

Found a few posts on speeds and feeds, or art and science as I now see it.

For the tram…once I got the speed and feed sorted no more step sided work!

Thank you