Stepcraft 2/840 (2500 $) - Huge Price cut

Fully assembled Stepcraft2/840.
Stepcraft2/840 CNC machine
Kress spindle with 1/8 and 1/4 collet
Tool length sensor
UCCNC software

Machine is fully assembled and ready to use. It has been used lightly, and still in perfect condition. Purchased 4 months ago.
Reason to sell: Moving, not enough room in the new place.

Is that 3500 shipped? Asking because I can buy the same machine with the same accessories you list for 3000. And some pictures would help as well.

Yes, it includes shipping. And it is fully assembled.

No way, look at that tiny spindle!!! and doesn’t seem very discounted , could buy it and build it for the same price.

The Stepcraft seems to be a nice system. Im looking around for one too.

Is this unit still for sale?