Stephen Cook's Projects Thread

Place to post the things I am working on.

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I have decided to make one post where I will put all the stuff I am working on. That way its not several as time goes on.

Here is my latest.
I took an eyeball 3d model from a site and cut it in half Then made 2 eyeballs.
The idea was to have 2 eyes for a skull prop I was working on. Ran out of time and will not be able to have it for this Halloween. However it will be worked on for next year.


Smart idea Stephen… maybe renaming the title to “Stephen Cook’s Project Thread” and then others can create their own thread as well… :slight_smile:

I will post the eyeballs when I am finished painting them.

Here is a block I did to test my system after belts breaking and other issues.
4 passes:

  1. outer area behind the rope. 1/16" bit
  2. Inner area to cut out ares with a 1/16" downcut bit
  3. V-Bit cut for the M and areas that the 1/16" bit could not do.
  4. final for the rope using 1/16" ball nose bit

Used V-Carve to do the jobs and easel to do the cutting.



Well I have finally moved and I am starting to build up the shop.
Need to think things out carefully.
So I bought this air vac from an auction. Its old but works.
I had to bypass the fuses for testing and clean and fix a few things but its working fine and has good suction. Here is a pic of it:

I have been searching for fuses and cannot locate any. The old ones were removed so I do not know what was used. The unit has 2 motors and a fuse socket for each.
Total current is 13A
AV550 motors in it. They are like $200 each.
Once I can get new fuses then I can set this up to run on the Xcarve and other shop tools. :slight_smile:

Found this at a thrift store. What should I make?

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Are you V carve user?


Vcarve pro have two rail swep tool now, you can do frame on it and inlay design in it. Any flower.

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I do not have the pro version yet.
Need to get the X-carve modded first.
then I will spend the cash to get the upgrade.

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Just made a purchase on new supplies.
Extra derlin nut for the Z and bearings.
Extra belts so if I break the ones I have I can fix them.
Some Collets and extra nuts to keep from having to poke out the collet during changes. Also I have bits that are 6 and 4mm.
The reducer/converter can cause trouble so I am going pro.

Did a carve this weekend.
There are ridges again. Not sure why but something must be loose.

Either the material was warped or the bed is raised on one end. Try putting a drill bit in your chuck up-side-down, bring it down to just above the bed, and then move it around noting the gaps.

I used a depth gauge to check for that.
It was as close to perfect as I could get it

I have a new delrin nut on the way.
There doesn’t seem to be any play however I need to get the system tuned up.
Going to go and check the v-wheels on everything.

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Note: I ran the pocket cut 2 times.
The ridges are still there and in the same spot. I figure that perhaps a v-wheel has something on it or maybe there is a wood chip in the belt?
I will clean and recheck all the moving parts.
Then try a new cut and see if the results are better.

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Still working on figuring out the Feeds and speeds for engraving bits.
I had it 1mm doc with .01 pass depth in the bit settings. Also feed was 15 IPM
Its a 30° V bit with a fine point on it. Got it off of a Chinese supplier cheat.
The bit broke so I put in another and put the feed at 1/2 and that bit broke too.

I have created a new 3d carve.
Used 2 ball nose bits. 2mm for the rough pass and a .5mm for the final
There are flaws but if you look past it looks good.