Stephen Cook's Projects Thread

I had errors like that when I first started doing 3D carves…especially small ones as the Z-Axis had so many moves…I had to adjust the current up a bit to the Z-Axis potentiometer and it took care of the problem.

I think it makes a difference…my speeds are better and it runs smoother.

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What controller are you using?
I have wanted to get a new controller as well.

I have kept a close eye on those wheels for dust / metal chips

I had to rewire the new TB6600 drivers and followed advice from Phil and others.
After I had all rewired no more homing issues and I set up a Jig to work on my coin creation.
Here is a result.


Nice coin. Great job. Try $100 bill next time, see if it works. :blush:

hehe. I would need a larger piece of aluminum.


I will be posting my jig set up later.
Its soo getto too. :smiley:

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I hope you’re going to put red led’s in them :smiley: In case it doesn’t go to the right spot, I meant on the skull eyes

hehe I could.

Back side and a bit of polishing


Its been a while and I have done several things since the last post.
Here is a Plexiglas table piece. Made 12 for a local horse club. (I would have done a lot more for the base but time was not my friend.)


Here is a 3d carved piece of MDF. I was trying to see if I could do something really good for sale. I use this as one of my samples.

This is what I did with one of Phil’s files he was nice enough to give me.

Here we have a small 3d carve I made for a horse cart. They are a set and are used as end caps for a square tube that is part of the cart.

Here I did a school sign for a work related project. I volunteered to help a local grade school get things fixed. There were over 200 volunteers and I was chosen for the sign. :slight_smile:


I’d the school sign MDF too?

The school sign is not MDF. Its pine
Correction Its not pine its Poplar.
Been a year since I made it.

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I have been working on a new project. I am will be posting all related info soon.
The project is a probe I 3d prnted and made for use with gcode ripper.
Right now too hot to be out in the shed… :frowning:

Ok I have my 4th axis going great. I recently created new chuck jaws and 3d printed them. I also made the tail stock holder as well. I needed soft jaws to hold a drinking glass for engraving.


That’s amazing work

Now if my belts would stop breaking. :frowning:
Just had another one break on me.
I can’t figure out why they keep breaking.
I tension them I ensure they are not rubbing against the wall of the idlers etc…
I am about to sell this freaking breaking down machine off. I am sick of trying to do stuff only to waste hours of stuff that hasn’t given me enough time to even try to make my money back.

9mm or 6mm?