Stepper calculator help

so i am just firing up my machine and testing out the steps put my ruler down on the waste board set the movement to 0.5" the Y axis went exactly to 0.5 but the x axis went to 7/16. sorry if i dont make sense i hardly know what i am talking about and if anyone could offer me advise in a dummed down form that would really help.

Can someone find the guide on adjusting steps per mm using phils calculator, I looked but just can’t seem to find it here anywhere…


I believe that Phil has requested removal of his material from this forum. You might be able to find him at this link.


Really, I wouldn’t think that could/would be done!

Find you current $100-value. Say it is 100.

Current step / actual distance * intended distance = new step value
7/16" = 11.1125mm
1/2" = 12.7mm

100 / 11.1125 * 12.7 = 114.3

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Thanks, I know Phil had a detailed walk thru, Matthew is a new XC owner (of a previously owned XC) and needs to adjust steps. He’s not familiar with getting $ values, updating them etc… Phil’s calculator rocks, but Matthew needs the guided walk thru…

If you go to my website at there is a link on the home page to download a free stepper calibration spreadsheet. Just fill in the numbers and run the test. It spits out the gcode to change the stepper calibration in GRBL.

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really good point, most videos recommend an 800 or 900mm g0 move (on a 1k machine)…

Indeed, for ultimate precision measure across the longest possible travel.
I would however also suggest the following addition:

Jog to the far left on X, then jog once 1/4" to the right - then do the long measure towards the right.
Reason is to take system backlash out of the context.
Backlash is present at any change of direction on the axes.

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