Stepper going?

While on projects my Y keeps stopping. Then I tried to do it manually and it would go a couple inches and stop give it a lil push and sometimes it would go awhile back on fourth. But it still would stop on its own here and there. Does that mean the stepper is going out? Or does the stepper motor just stop all together?

Power down and check the connection. Sounds like a wiring issue.

A stepper motor is a very tolerant device.

If the motor dont make any sound when it stop unintended, check wiring and driver.

If the motor do make sound when it stop unintended, check all pulleys that they are tight and fastened.
Another possible cause could be a failing shaft, there have been a couple (but rare) cases where the shaft of the stepper is broken.

Grinding noise when unintentional stop?
Stepper stalling. Something is binding or stepper is struggling and/or underpowered. Can also be too high rapid/acceleration values.

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No noise at all. Checked all wires. Cleaned everything. Odd it would just stop and on projects it some times would carve up on the x and stop.