Stepper Motor 23

Hi All , Looked around for this issue in forum and have not seen anything. Its not a big issue but am wondering.
Have had this unit more than 2 years , everythings proper and setup fine. Been a woodworker for many many years and maintain and know all my machinery. History anyhow.
QUESTION , When manually moving the X Y Axis by hand , I can feel a dead spot/friction in the steppers. Just wondered over time if anyone has had this issue. Don’t happen all the time , and sometimes it don’t happen at all. Just wondered as I said if these motors over time have issues . Thanks in advance , R

I think when moving by hand they generate a current. When that current reaches a certain point it caused a braking action. I know that it has been said that moving by hand is not good.
If you move it slowly do you still get random resistance?
Are you moving it while powered?

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Ahh , makes sense . Thanks and Merry Christmas to Y’All.