Stepper motor broken?

I just finished my first few projects, and realized tonight that the carving was out of track. Obviousely the left y-axis motor is broken, when moved manually it does not show that snapping behaviour, but rather like a regular motor.

The project I did where from 3/4inch material. Could it be an overload?

Where can I get replacement? How long is warranty, any idea?
Hopefully it is nor the controller.

Is your drive gear tightly fastened to the shaft? How much tension do you have on your belts? 3-4 lbs at 1" with a fish sale

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A stepper motor is a very sturdy component and rarely fail. There have been one or two reports of a stepper shaft breaking. (bad tempered steel shaft?)

I would think its more likely pulley slipping or something around those lines. Or simply not getting power?

Disconnect the belts, place a “tape flag” on the pulley and test each stepper separately. The tape help visualize motion.


You were all right. The lady on the phone told me to try to switch the connectors on the controller from Y1 to Y2 and vice versa, what I did, and the machine worked well, just wrong direction. So I connected both as it should be: and all worked very well from this very second on. Probably there was a temporary loose connection in the plug, what just by re-inserting was resolved. TY all!