Stepper Motor Calibration Calculator

Hi, calculating the correct stepper motor values isn’t hugely complex but it can be tiresome so to ease the process a little I thought it might be useful to create an online calculator to make the calculation part quicker and less taxing. Here’s a link:

Stepper Motor Calibration Calculator


Thank you Jon, I just had a look and it will take no time at all for calibrating. Will this work with z axis with the Acme rod - Nema 23 combination?

Hi Kasba, that’s the setup I have, so yes absolutely. I wouldn’t like to risk someone far more attuned the the science of stepper motors berating me for making wild statements, but my understanding of the principles involved means it should work for any stepper motor setup. I’m using Universal Gcode sender to alter the settings for my machine controller.

I’ve just used the calculator to help calibrate the z axis. I sent a 20mm down command to the machine and the dial indicator read 19.90mm. Using the calculator I adjusted the z value and tried again. Here is a (very) short video of the result. I have the digital indicator mounted on a removable bracket I manufactured yesterday, which makes calibration much simpler and quicker. The machine will move out of calibration for a wide variety of reasons, so I needed a way to re-calibrate regularly and quickly.

Z Axis Digital Calibration Test.mp4 (970.1 KB)

2.5a possibly, but not your 4.5a whopper…

Seriously though Angus, as your profile says you’re a retired software engineer, would you know of a way to use optical mouse data to accurately measure x and y axis travel? I’ve looked around and there are various bits of code available, none of which I can wrap my head around. I was thinking that if it could be done with a basic on-screen display the readings could deliver a simple and fast calibration aid, in preference to the commonly used ‘needle and ruler’ type method. For now I’m re-engineering a digital plan measuring tool but would like to come up with a cheaper method to meet all tastes and budgets.

By the way, I like your dog.

@JonLake Just used your calibration calculator web app together with a newly aquired 30 degree V bit to shave off a tiny bit of error on my Y axis.

Thanx man! :+1:

Thanks Ebr, glad to hear it helped.

just found this post. I’ll be calibrating tonight or tomorrow before I start cutting out table parts. I believe my z is out slightly so this will make it a breeze.

Thanks for sharing!

Cheers, no problem.

Thanks for sharing.
Can you share a link to the dial indicator you are using?