Stepper motor won't move, makes loud noise

my X axis stepper motor will not move, just makes a loud noise (tuneful).

Have been playing with the limit switch wiring, but haven’t touched the motor wiring.

Have checked over connections, belts aren’t too tight, v wheels are fine. I can move the carriage fine by hand.

I just can’t figure it out, any ideas?

Usually, horrible noises are caused by a broken wire or loose connection.

There’s a possibility of blowing the stepper driver, so cut the power and don’t try again until you’ve verified connectivity.

Ok :slight_smile: will stop. It all stopped when I re soldered a limit switch so possibility of a connection issue, I just can’t find it! Maybe I should check continuity between g shield side and the motor wires

re-wired the machines connections. no improvment

PSU fan started sounding weird, measured the dc its outputing and its stable at 24.1 V

really no idea now. could It be a g shield issue?

update, turned out to be the G-shield

yesterday i tested my new machine (so2), but it was making way to big cuts. well it was drawing not cutting :smile: but it was working, so i went changing grbl setting and now it doesn’t, move at all…all that produce is weird noise (it didn’t yesterday) and almost invisible movement… i use 2x nema 23 for y, one 23 for x and 17 for z, with gt3 belts, and 20 pulley teeth… on arduino and gshield… I don’t have any experience with cnc, so i am a bit frustrated.
any advice?

Hi there

Did you solve the problem or found what went wrong?

I have finished my first built, i have ordered a ox cnc with 1500x1500 with 2 nema 23 for Y axis, 1 Nema 23 for X axis and 1 Nema 17 for Z axis.

What hapens is that it seams it’s all well wired, with all of i turn the steppers and then i can see the light on gshield for X, Y and Z axis.

When i turn on the gshield and open the grbl interface i can conect and jog the Z axis but when i click on X or Y axis i only hear the noise of steppers but they don´t move.

Can you help me on this? It’s been very frustating…

[quote=“RicardoRocadas, post:7, topic:16788”]
I have finished my first built, i have ordered a ox cnc with 1500x1500 with 2 nema 23 for Y axis, 1 Nema 23 for X axis and 1 Nema 17 for Z axis.[/quote]

Do yourself a favour and replace the Nema17 on the Z-axis with a bigger Nema 23 ( range) :slight_smile:

Disconnect the motors from the CNC mechanics to see if they actually move without resistance. If they do your electronics are operational.
Also make sure you are providing your steppers with enough power, as in make sure your stepper drivers are putting out enough current. Google “how to adjust current limiter stepper motor”
It is likely that they are set too low/friction of your system is too high.

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First of all, sorry about this, it seams is in wrong place.

Thank you for your help i will now start other topic under uncategorized topics and will whait for your precious help.

I did some research and i finish to decide to buy in Vslot Europe this “bundle” to start my first build, and the main reason is i’m in Portugal and it’s more quick to return and resolve possible issues with the material if any problem.

So thank you for your help i will whait for you in my new topic, thank you.

For you Haldor, i’m testing all steppers with the puleys off so the steppers don´t have any resistance.
Today i have mixed some voltages and grbl configurations and they move but with bad movements it seams they stall like little rocks inside. By the way, i’m not usinf drivers i’m conecting all 3 steppers to the gshield slots unless one Y axis i will conect in the end with reverse polar.

thank you.

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