Stepper motors calibration

How I can to adjust the stepper motors for X carve??

Are you talking about setting the current on the x controller or steps per mm on the x carve itself?

This is for setting the x controller

To adjust the steps per mm, you have to change the $100 , S101, $102 setting. To get there you have to enter a $$ into the console window. You get there in Easel by going to Machine/ advanced/ machine inspector I believe.

Not sure if this is what your looking for but here is a video on calibrating.

How I can to know exactly how mm the machine travels?? for example, I see by videos, they write 102.56mm (for example). How they know that the machine travels 102.56mm exactly?? by Easel??

You have to do this with a tape measure, you won’t get to hundredths of a mm but you can get pretty close. A good way for me was to use a sharp pointed tool and mark a spot on the waste board, then raise up a few mm, move whatever distance you can, then lower and mark the spot, measure from that.

@MikeByrne If the above video did not help maybe this one will help you. Just follow the steps. You will not be able to get to the hundredths but by doing this several times you can bracket the exact amount needed. Just takes a little patience.

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You need an accurate measuring device like a machinist’s scale to really get it accurate.

Here’s an example

@MartinW.Mcclary Excellent, mine is old and rusty. Great choice.

How I can to calibrate the Z axis??

The Z axis would be the $102 setting. You measure what you want and compare it to what you get, and use the ratio to determine what to multiply against the GRBL setting for $102. Say you want to move 10mm and it moves 11mm. Then the ratio is 10/11=.909090. You multiply the .9090 x 40 steps/mm ( or whatever it is) and the result is 36.36. You would enter $102=36.36. Just an example…not the actual number. You keep doing this until it is as accurate as you can get it. It’s time consuming but worth it.

I use a digital dial caliper that I mount to the work surface when I fine-tune my calibration or measure backlash.