Stepper motors don't lock

I started up the xcarve today and noticed that the stepper motors did not lock as usual. I can push x and y with 1 finger. I don’t ever move it by hand. It’s so easy to move I would never be able to change a bit and keep it still. Any ideas?? I did wire up a relay yesterday to start the dewalt and did a carve and everything seemed normal. New xcarve with the xcontroller. Tried in easel and usg also.

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Can you talk to it using Easel? Is the Carve button green?

Check your Estop.

I can move it in easel and ugs , x, y and z so it connects fine. The only thing is that they don’t lock down. Haven’t carved with it yet though.

OR - open up a 2 stage carve and press the Lock button. Then jog the spindle in any direction. It will then be locked.

That worked, just trying to figure out what changed it. My last carve was with f-engrave and I had to change the header to get the spindle to auto start maybe something with that?

That was it. Thanks!

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Not really wanted to but last night I hit a clamp and I needed to move the gantry by hand just a little as it lost steps and I was in a long carve. when you to try to move it by hand with easel (no way to jog during a cut that I know of) it is hard to be precise with the motors under power, unlocking them and I could move the gantry just a fraction that it was off and saved the cut.

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