Stepper motors hot or cold

Hi Guys,

I was leveling my waste board after doing a few changes to my x carve. The meant the machine was running a lot in X & Y. I noticed that the Y and X steppers where stone cold all the way through where the Z was warm (you could hold the motor in your hand)

I’ll be going though and setting the pots on the G shield later and do a full calibration setup tonight but i wonder if the motor being cold was a sign of anything?

I did a quick google and could only find people having trouble with motors running too hot.


Cold but working => they are running well/efficient/without any sweat :slight_smile:
No worries.

Warm is also very acceptable, IIRC steppers are in many cases rated to handle 80degC without fuss.
This is OUCH!-hot

Above that they are taxed, starting to loose efficiency etc.
This is “B***********”-hot

I have had a Nema17 where water would boil if dropped onto the case - worked just as well. I did however swap it out with a larger, better suited stepper (Nema 23/

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Which steppers do you have?

nema 23’s from openbuilds