Stepper Motors I have

Do you guys think these stepper motors and controller would be sufficient for the X Carve

Your advice would be appreciated.


Stepper Motors I have

This is a bit confusing. Do you already have one of these kits?

They are way overpriced if you are thinking about buying one of them.

The standard motors sold with the XCarve are plenty sufficient for the weekend hobbyist. You can cut lots of wood, plastic, composite and soft metals. You could go with larger motors, but be aware of flexing if you end up cutting harder materials or get more aggressive with your cut speeds. Just strengthen the rails and other components if needed. I would however stay away from getting motors too big, you can overdo it too.

I already have these motors so that is why I was asking if they would work ok

Do you have one of the kits, or just the motors? Which motors?

I have that whole kit that I posted

There are at least six kits on the page that you linked to.

[Edit] - digging a little deeper the information seems to be there, but it depends on which kit you have. Some of them will not work with the X-carve.

this is the kits I currently have on another under gantry cnc machine sorry for the confusion but this is what I have currently and yes I know I over paid now.

It appears that kit uses NEMA 17 stepper motors. If the motors are less than 56mm long then they should work ok with the Xcarve. If they are longer than 56mm then to use them you would have to invert the Z axis motor.

The stepper motor drivers could also be used.

Then you would have to decide if you are going to use mach3/4 or the Ardudino, or the X-controller.

Thanks LarryM I think I may just go with the kit version and upgrade the motors to the Nema 23 motors

Actually the motors are fairly stubby, and a 180oz Nema17 would be much longer in length than what the picture seem to indicate. I think those are 23´s and about 2" (54mm) long. The “23” mean width of motor case is 2,3" (Nema17 is therefore 1,7" wide)