Stepper motors not moving

Hi Guys.
Please assist. My machine is up and running…sorry, not fully running. There is contact to all my steppers, but they are not moving, just jiggling sound but standing still. I have adjusted voltage, but still the same, just jiggling faster.

Has they ever moved or is this a brand new build?
Can you get a photo of your connections at the controller?
Can you post your GRBL settings? (Send $$)

Hi. Thanksfor respond. It is a brand new build, never moved.
Let me take a photo and see how to upload.

Make sure the order of the stepper wires is correct.

hope this helps

Where can I find GRBL settings?

If the v wheels are overtightened, the steppers will not move the axes!

My problem is solved, the problem was wiring wrongly into stepper motor plugs. Sorted thank you.

Glad to hear you’re up and running!

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