Stepper motors

Hi all.

So first off, i’m not currently having a problem but its bugging me. I ordered my 1000x1000 X carve with the normal Nema 17 stepper motors. Have i made a mistake? i don’t seem to be having a problem but at the moment i’m not pushing the machine very hard. I’ve just done the X and Y axis stiffening mobs along with making a new waste board. I’ve been asked to cut some brass or copper plates and i want the machine in top condition before i start this, hence the upgrades.

With the addtional weight in the X axis will the Nema 17’s start to struggle? Ever video on youtube all the 1000mm machines seem to have the 23’s.

What are peoples thoughts?


If it works, go with it. You can always upgrade later if you find a need to.

If you order the 1000 “with the works” it comes with NEMA 23s. My guess is that is why most of them you see have the NEMA 23s.

I’m running NEMA 23s on my 500mm. Just because I wanted to.

What are the benefits of the 23’s? is it just increase torque?

The NEMA 17’s might be a little under powered for the 1000mm sized machine.
It will work, but you will not be able to cut as fast.
I have NEMA 17’s on my 500mm machine which works fine, but cant imagine them performing well on a larger machine.
My new 1000mm machine will have 23’s on it.

yeah i think you should of have sprung for the nema 23 motors they will give you more power for more jobs

Mostly torque increase, however, if you are using the gShield it cannot drive the NEMA 23s to their full torque rating.

i have nema 17 motors except z axis nema 23 works great no problems and my machine is 1500mmx1800mm