Steppers Motors won't move and make a high pitch noise

Hi guys, today i disconnected my xcarve and moved to somewhere else, i recconect it and tried to test, but for some reason, when i power the grbl all axis leds turns green and the motors won’t move at all, when it first happen they made a constant noise and moved a little bit when i sended a command, now they wont move at all and still make that low pitch noise.

Could anyone tell me what might be wrong?

Under no circumstances must you change polarity to the incoming DC +ve and -ve no no no no

It sounds like you have either a wire disconnected (unlikely) or you have connected the phases wrong on the motor,

Turn OFF the computor and transformer before working on your machine. On the gantry motor disconnect all the motor wires, and test to find the poles, you should end up with two poles or phases.

Connect the first pole in connector 1 and 2, the other pole in 3 and 4, now connect the wires in pairs from the Arduino, turn on and jog in the Y direction, reverse any two wires in the same pair, if jogging in the wrong direction.

If this works do the same procedure to the X axis motors, be aware that you might get push pull, so do them one motor at a time,

First disconnect all x axis motor wires.

after the first motor is running correctly, note the connections, disconnect the motor wires and do the second motor, each time checking jogging direction, then connect the first motor using the notes you kept.

I hope this helps

Regards Neal

Actually it seems it was a wrong connection, thanks!

good news!

glad you got it fixed :grinning:

regards Neal