Steppers work once, then wierd

Hello, I was making some tests, when the last phase started, the x axis seemed to fail going off course. I insltaled the 3.8 easel driver and then when I was trying to adjust the spindle height. With the first click on Easel it went up, the second click made it go DOWN, the third click drove it down and broke my 1/16" bit. I just reviewed the wiring installed the latest driver and now the Y axis will only move right on one way, (whichever I click on first when starting Easel) and will not go the opposite way.I recorded some with my phone.

Recheck all wiring. That’s a classic symptom of a loose wire.

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Well after three attempts I managed to find the issue as a broken wire, 2 inches off later, it worked, now I have a new problem, the z stepper eill not move, it buzzes, but it does not move.

Did you setup the pots right? Could be an underpowered situation.

Verify that you have paired the wires from each coil correctly.
Stepper have two coils with one pair of wire each. Sounds like you may have switched the wires.

Do the motor work as expected without anything connected to the stepper?
Delrin nut to tight?