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@SteveMoloney. Doing well. My YouTube channel is going crazy. Growing fast, I’m doing projects both on the XCarve and other projects as well. I see you are still doing amazing projects.

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thanks! I have been watching the videos but my Ipad is old enough I cant update anything and now the version that is on it for youtube I cant see the comments or respond anymore.

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is there a website that helps you make signs or do you do it from scratch

@JohnLoera Exactly what are you trying to accomplish? I’ll help if I can. I have many videos that help get people started.

Google, Etsy, Facebook groups. A lot of them are done in Easel depending on what it is. I snag pieces and parts were I can get them and use Easel to make them into what I want. Hope that helps. As Phil Lunsford stated his videos will help guide you through the process. Steve

Easel have an Image Trace app, play with it:

As Steve mention, you search for something you can use, import, adapt and carve it :slight_smile:

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I have made a few projects in Microsoft Publisher and imported them into Easel to carve. Just simple signs and things like that where ai wanted to play with different fonts and word configuration. Nothing super complex. Then again nothing I have done yet is super complex, lol. Still learning and have a long way to go.


John you can get actual SVG files off Etsy, there are Facebook groups with free files typically DXF. You can grab images off Google and convert them into SVG files with free on line converters like Convertio. AND you can you Image trace in Easel if you snap a picture of a line drawing. Basically get pieces and parts then use the tools in the apps supplied with Easel to create your project.

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A few new ones




Wow, amazing as usual. Way to go!

Those look great!!
How is your new dust collection system working out? I remember awhile back you bought a new one.


What kinds of bit did you use for the detail on the paddlewheel boat? Looks great!

@SteveMoloney. It looks like the stream boat is glue on top. Is that correct?

Yes it is two layers, I still need to paint int eh white areas white. The bridge is painted metallic blue and it still has the Oramask on it.

@BenjaminLipinski, Inventables 1/8" straight bit for roughing, Whiteside 60 degree x .5" v-bit for detail

Both are doing well I have the Fein Turbo on the X carve and the Laguna on the rest of the shop tools. This winter I plan on refining my tool hookups. For now they are functioning but not as well as they can be.

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A new design
I used @PhillipLunsford stars from the projects section. Thanks Phil




The flag looks awesome. Thanks for the shout out. Your creativity is amazing. Well done.

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Awesome job!! Did you use stain for the red, white and blue?

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That Veranda PVC is unavailable at any Home Depot w/in 100 miles of my house. :frowning: