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That is the topography setting in the Texture APP


I need to give that Texture App a try. :grinning:

I need to play with it some more, it has a ton of settings and the bit makes a drastic difference


Looks great Steve as usual. I really wish Easel could do the texture at the bottom of a pocket.

Maybe Ethan can help us he created it.

Ethan we two questions. Can you help me understand what all the settings do and how the different v-bits affect it AND is there a way to carve a texture in the bottom of the pocket using the APP?


Most of the settings descriptions can be found here: New App - Texture Generator
In order to texture at the bottom of a pocket you will want to adjust the source depth and the texture depth.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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Thanks Ethan!

A few new ones




Awesome! Looks great


Excellent! I like the reindeer, very festive.

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The last couple of days



Nice work, Steve! Is that last piece just pine wood? Did you do any thing special to get that weathered look prior to carving, or were you able to get it that way?

@SteveMoloney These look great as usual. You have more time than I do to work in the shop. That’s a great thing. If I can get an hour or two every few days I feel very lucky.


I am right there with you Phillip. I just had whole 4 hours to play with my machine. I had not been able to touch it in almost a month. I have a bunch of projects I have been designing but no time to rip them.

Etnan Its pine, pre-stained ship lap material from Home Depot. 6" total width by 8" I believe it was $9.50 worked good it does have a cup to It to contend with. But it worked well for the two projects. I will definitely use it again.


Thanks Phil, I am on Rotation with my job so one week I work 5 days out of 7 the next 2 days. Gives me a lot of free time, last week was my short week so I took 2 days vacation and that gave me 7 days to play around.

@SteveMoloney. I’m retired. You think that I would have a lot of time in the shop, but no! With doctor appointments for my wife and I along with having the grandkids over for four to five days a week, I realize that working a full time job gave me more time in the shop. But Having the raising grandkids is well worth the loss of shop time. My wife an I love having the grandkids over. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Finished this one up, learning Inkscape Image Trace


And this happened, 15" Jet Planer with Helicle Head and a 18" Laguna Panel Sander.



You are going to have to add on shop space!