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For my daughter!


Wow that turned out great

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That truly looks awesome

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Inspirational work, as always, Steve. Appreciate you sharing.

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How did you texture the flag? Is this a background pattern?

Angle grinder, cutting heads and flap disks then finished it off with my random orbit sander. I just started hacking it up. You think it would be easy but ts not. To much texture ruins it to little distress and there is no effect.

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Here are some pics of the Beast as I am calling it hung up 44" x 84"

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I ran these while building the flag, going to re-cutting the Hogwarts one Wednesday. They take a long time to process and actaully run.

Detail took 35 minutes to write, and the roughing took about 30 minutes to write the tool paths before they started running.

Hogwarts took about 45 minutes on roughing and 5-1/2hrs on detail.
Star Wars took about 40 minutes on roughing and 7hrs on detail.
Marvell took about 40 minutes on roughing and 8-1/2hrs on detail

I do the roughing in 2 passes and the detail in one pass.


what size did you make that

I cut them out of 24" x 24"

Couple of flags yesterday, neither are perfect but will fix that on the next round!



looks like you need to level your spoilboard.

they look good though

Nope nothing to do with that, I assembled the flag before I carved the stars so the 1/2" plywood runners on the back and the way I clamped it down cause the issue. I have a plan for next time. I gave it a shot wasn’t sure how well it would work.

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Made this for a customer today. I have a couple of realtors that buy these when they sell a home as gifts to the new owners.


I really liked this idea, so I made one for my house:

Hope you don’t mind!


Is this file shared?? @SteveMoloney

Found the artwork here:

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@SteveMoloney what is your secret to cutting out around almost all of your signs? Are you using offsetter app? I can’t get it done easily

you can use illustrator, only takes a moment do it.

I do not have illustrator