Steve's Projects

WOW!! Speechless! They look great!

I’m assuming these are cut out of expanded PVC?

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Yes they are!

So I was able to create this Tiffin sign in Easel from the low res picture attached. I put it through image trace on several different settings then grabbed pieces and parts to make it. I also used the off setter app and exploder app to aid in making the individual pieces do what I needed them to do.



It is published! look for Vintage Chevy Sign in the projects section. I couldn’t find a usable file of the actual sign any were so I grabbed pieces and parts of clip art and using Easel I made it up. I have made 2 so far. Need to make one for my garage! Steve

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A few new flags, done with the CNC for a bit I got all the chritmas orders complete, now I have a kitchen to gut and remodel!



Hey Steve and everyone else,

I’m not trying to rob your thread I just wanted to ask what software does everyone use with your xcarve? I’m contemplating a 1000x1000 xcarve in the future and would like to start figuring out what software to get with it. There’s so much information out there I don’t know where to start.

I’m asking here because this is one of the treads I view the most and some of the best work I have seen.

I would like to start by making carved clocks with logos or designs in the middle and maybe down the road move into 3D projects. Not necessarily design my own 3D but have the ability to carve 3D.

If I should move this question to another place please let me know! Thanks All.

BTW Awesome work Steve!

Steve is using Easel for his work. Much of my work is also done in easel. Vcarve Desktop or Vcarve Pro is another very popular software. I use Vcarve Desktop. Others on the forum use a variety of software depending on what you want to accomplish. Here is a link to my channel where you can get started learning Easel and it’s free


Cool, Nice Job! I see a lot of your projects I’d like to make… I can’t seem to find the Chevy sign anywhere.
I’m probably not looking in the right spot…

At this time I don’t want to create 3D carves but I do want to have the ability to import and carve them. Its also a must to be able to Vcarve. So would Vcarve desktop work for these applications?

Vintage Chevy Sign (1).zip (936.7 KB)

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Thanks Steve, it’s much appreciated!

How big are these

The flags? 15" x 27.6"

Here is another one out of PVC


Awesome work !!! You must run your X-Carve 24-7

I was given several pieces of this old barn wood last summer, and had carved the flag into it. It just didn’t look complete so I finished it up yesterday,I added the stars and USA. I gave it back to the friend that gave it to me who as you can imagine was absolutely thrilled with it…




Would you mind talking about the steps you take for your painting process specifically multiple colored pieces like the one you posted 12/24/18 because whatever your doing its awesome!

Just by what I have read in this thread I’m going to assume that this is PVC and you have spray painted the whole thing black before starting anything. From there are you masking and carving and then hand painting or is there a way your making multiple times and spraying on the paint? Really curious to your process!



Spray the PVC whatever you want the base color to be
After paint dries for 24hrs apply Oramask
Brush the carved areas with a small brass brush (approx a $1.00 at Harbor Freight)

I either just brush it in with Acrylic paints from Michael’s, OR on a couple of them that don’t have a ton of detail I block off areas with blue tape and chipboard paint the first color then cover that up and paint again and so forth.

Then after all the painting is done I peel off the Oramask


Are you using regular solvent-based spray paints (i.e. Rustoleum, Krylon) and Oramask 813? I have a little trouble with Oramask 813 peeling up spray paint from wood (the solvent breaks down the mask adhesive), even after letting it dry/cure for a couple of days. I’m wondering if it bonds better to the PVC.