Sticky Easel Login, Please

When I browse to I am already logged in, thanks to a cookie. And if I click on Easel from there it uses the same login. But if I browse directly to Easel without going to first, I am always presented the “Log in using Inventables” button. I click the button and it logs me in. What’s the purpose of that extra step? Why isn’t Easel using the cookie, logging me in, and going straight to its home display?

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I’ve noticed that with either the forum or easel I have to log in about 40% of the time, the other times the cookies work. Very odd.

I’m going to ask around about this to see if I can find out why it seems less sticky on Easel than the Inventables store site.

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Mine Stays logged in to both until I log in out in the shop.

I’m logging into the Inventables Forum from like 3 PC’s ( Win 10 ) at home and another one from at Work ( Win 8.1 ) during brakes and I pretty much every time have to reenter my login credentials - Like just now.

As of now I’d like to believe that switching between different PC’s appears to be the main cause for this.
And from what I can remember this has been the only website I’m having login “issues” with.