Sticky motor

As mentioned in my previous post, I have one NEMA-17 motor that is “stickier” – more force required to hand turn – that the other three. I hadn’t checked or noticed this until I had installed it on the right Y-plate, and been moving the gantry up and down the Y-axis in adjusting the belt and fiddling with the eccentric nuts on the Y plates. The sticky motor ended up making the whole plate stick - travel - stick - travel, etc.

When I disassembled the gantry to get a lost screw in the X Carriage, I undid the right Y belt to see if maybe the,motor was making things sticky, and sure enough, that was the problem.

I’ve read some more about the motors, and it appears the sticky motor might just be a little locked up from manual turning with the wires shorted. Is that likely, or should I get a replacement motor? Will any NEMA-17 motor work, as I can have one Amazon’d here by tomorrow. I still need to put in the Z-motor – that’s where this last one would go.