Stiffening Y Axis Question

Thanks Gord… that’s a great idea.

lol no, waiting on the two wide makerslides

Also ordered some small buttons off Ebay and made this little guy for start, pause and cancel.


Which one did you get?

Nice, based on the prusa.

Here’s the custom lift plates and the wide maker slides on the y axis all finished. When I get a little cash I’ll add the other v wheels and plates.


so the y axis wider maker slides, does it seem significantly stiffer?

Extremely stiffer

Got mine today… :slight_smile: thanks @CharleyThomas … landed safe and soundly before the snow hits… :slight_smile:


Really digging the y wides … :slight_smile:

Good work on the plates! they look sharp!


They should really offer it as an upgrade, such a difference in rigidness.

@BrianSaban did you make the custom lift plates for the wide Y rails?


Finally got around to installing my @CharleyThomas endplates … I was inspired by @BrianSaban with the wide Y axis that he added and remembered I had my old original X-axis rails (replaced with the newer wide one)… so, i thought to myself, why not add a few holes to the end plates and see what we can do … voila…


Tall plates and wide slide!


Unless I missed it somewhere, how thick do the Y axis plates need to be? In other words, what is the horizontal distance between the bottom extrusion and the Y axis rail? It seems some have used .250" plates, and some have used what looks like 1/8" steel. I was planning on picking up some 1/8" steel plate and making some brackets, just want to make sure I don’t need to use spacers.


If you are willing to trim your waste board, you can use 1/4" stiffeners. I have also done 1/8" stiffeners for customers who don’t want to trim the waste board. My machine is a 750 with 1/4" stiffeners, and my waste board is around 26 7/8" wide.

If you want to take the easy way out, I sell 1/4" aluminum stiffeners on my website and can do 1/8" as well.


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okay, so I guess by deduction the gap between the rail is 1/8" That makes sense. I plan on laser cutting them out of 1/8th inch steel.

The way I installed mine was to remove the waste board and loosen the 20x20 extrusions that run along the base. Then, I installed the stiffeners and re tightened the 20x20 extrusions. This ensures your lower extrusions are spaced properly and prevents any sideways force from misalignment. Then, reinstall the waste board (in my case, this meant trimming it slightly to fit).

I’m curious about the “torsion box” base you have… where did you get the extrusions?