Stiffening Y Axis Question

Simple question but couldn’t I just use the makeslide end plates placed along the y axis. Am I missing something?

Thanks for checking!

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Would there be any benefit of let’s say 1 every 250/500mm vs 3/4 ply or MDF across the whole/most of the span?

I did this with my old shapeoko 2 end plates.What did you do with your old Shapeoko 2 end plates (when upgrading to an x-carve)? It should work with the newer X-Carve plates, you will however need to trim them shorter so they don"t interfere with the movement of the x gantry. Funny thing is i found that post looking for a picture of the old endplates so i could show you what i mean. Had know idea anyone else had done that. It works very well by the way.

For the price of 3 of those plates you can buy enough bar stock to cut eight plates. Just an option.

I love your waste board!

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It is perfectly lining up with Y axis. Only a little long and hitting Makerslide. Needs to be cut flash to Y axis rail as you see on the picture.

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Great idea! I just ordered Charley’s end plates… and will definitely re-use the old ones to help stiffen the axis…

very smart!

oh … good point… that won’t work for me…

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Maybe I am, didn’t check it. But no issues about a year.


*Just curious. While I agree Charley’s plates are very nice, you have a machine that can make them. Why buy them?

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I doubt i could even find the metal for that price, let alone make that task my first metal job. :grinning:

Don’t get me wrong, i am certainly up to trying things but sometimes buying a tried and true saves a lot time and effort.


For the metal for future reference

But I understand, I only ask as I have two wide makerslides coming for the y axis’s and am going to attempt my first metal cutting for the custom lifts. :smile: Should be a fun project, i think

Plus $0.25 on the dollar (Canadian and all… and shipping costs…) Local prices are tad pricier…

I will definitely follow your journey!!

Try to find some aluminum (6061 T6 mills very well) and give it a shot. The first thing I made out of aluminum was a 3-axis touchplate and then taller Y-Axis plates. If you have the chance, go for it…you will be pleased.

Peer pressure … :grinning:


Come on… Everyone’s doing it.

Why do i get the feeling i am going to wake up tomorrow morning on a bus inTijuana with ping pong balls in my coat pocket…

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OK I cut my first piece of aluminum ever, it’s for the custom Y plates as I wait for the 2 wide makerslides to show up tomorrow. It’s .25in 6061 T6 Aluminum that I got from Inventables a while back. Don’t be intimidated to cut metal, it cuts like butter. I used an 1/8th inch 2 fulte Destiny bit from Drillman1 I went with what seems to be very conservative feeds of 40ipm and 3 plunge and .005 doc. gave it a quick sand to finish in Black after the other 3 are finished.


Very nice! :slight_smile:

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