Stimulating tool paths stalls (Aztec Calendar)

i’m trying to make a small 24’’ table with a star wars astec calendar carving at 20’’ in center when it comes time for stimulating tool paths it proceeds to about the last 1’’ of bar and stops lol i have waited for 2 hours and gave up on project ??? why is this not finishing it dose not matter when i do it before carving or trying to carve my computer is an i5

Welcome Robert to the forums :slight_smile:

An Aztec calender have a lof of intricate details etc and when set up to be carved with for instance a very small bit or a V-bit, especially when each depth pass is done in small increments => a loooooot of tool path is needed to be generated. This bogs Easel down during simulation.

I havent done similar projects myself but there are many here that has and might be able to give you good pointers :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what to say except to try again. At least one more time. Sometimes it processes slower where even something kinda simple takes 5 or 10 minutes instead of 45 seconds.

Maybe you tried carving when the system was bogged down?

What I have done on the 24" Aztec calendars is go to Machine -> Advanced -> Generate G-Code…and just let it sit all night…in the morning you should be ale to save the G-Code to a file. Then you can load it back into Easel and cut it. Make sure your laptop doesn’t go to sleep when you close the lid and it stays powered from the wall, so it doesn’t slow down.

Thanks I’ll try that this coming weekend