Stl 2 Gcode from Slic3r

I’ trying to export stl 2 Gcode in Slic3r in order to upload it on Easel
However all the combinations I run, they generate not supported gcode subsets

Is there any setup reference on how to create gcode for Easel?
If not , what would be the right setup for printing from slic3r with Carvey?

slic3r makes G-codes for 3D printing — do you have an extruder?

Try a normal CAM tool?

Hi Will

I’m checking the feasibility of a project where the input would always be a stl file
I did not purchase the extruder yet but mi idea is to get Carvey

So basically thats my stream line get stl and translate it into the subset of g-code that Carvey ( Easel ) uses

I’ve been checking the link you sent me but some of the links are gone or some of the tools do not support stl as input

Another option is to use a software for carving that is supported by carvey but i do not find that much information on the net regarding this

I’m not an expert on this topic so I apologize in advance if I’m asking some obvious stuff

Easel is not able to import an STL file. You can import an STL file into Fusion 360 (free for hobbyist) and use it to create compatible Gcode.

Or you can purchase software like Meshcam or Vcarve, either one makes it very easy to create your toolpath (Gcode) from an STL file.

I believe the Carvey uses Grbl, so snything which works on the ShapeOko will work: