STL files site

Don’t know if this has been posted or not but here is a site with more stl files.

looks down for maintenance. which subscription did you get?

I haven’t got one yet. Just stumbled on it on Facebook and thought I would share.

Suzanne, the owner, emailed me that it was back up.

There is a catalog on the site but the pics aren’t very clear. Code expires the 1st of each month also.( I suppose you could download as much as you want during that month)

I saw the post on CNC Tips, Tricks and projects FB page and thought it could be useful…no affiliation at all !!!

If anyone does use it please post results.

The catalog link is not obvious

Not a problem :slight_smile:

Great Thanks for sharing.

How is the quality of the STLs

Not only that but the main site is a PDF located on dropbox :grin: