STL Import Questions

I am trying to import an STL. It is a simple rectangular panel to be cutout with some less deep dadoes. So can really be quickly done with a large bit.

However, when I import an STL Easel automatically loads a roughing and finishing bit. I can’t seem to remove the finishing bit so it only does the roughing bit.

Second, it creates tabs automatically, but the preview after generating g-code doesn’t really show them. is this a graphics glitch and they are really there? I can see in the tool paths that I think the tabs are there but not previewing correctly. Is this normal?

Did you create the STL? Based on your description, I would not use 3D toolpaths to machine it. Can you just draw it in 2D?

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I did, create the STL. The 3D import worked very well. I have many parts an I’m struggling with a workflow to get 3d out of SolidWorks into 2D for Easel. The STL seemed to work perfect other than I need to remove the finishing bit.

Hey Chris,
Can you export a DXF from SolidWorks?

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Yes, but have to do a separate DXF for each depth and then have to recombine and align in Easel. Proving more difficult than it sounds.
Frustrating because I have just a bunch of simple cutout parts with a few dadoes. I can do one part pretty easy by combining g DXfs. But it if s going to be a huge take with the amount of parts I need to do. I’ll get it. Just looking for most efficient method.

Have you tried @EthanKinney’s macro for SOLIDWORKS?

I have tried, but the cuts at different depths come in incomplete for me so I can’t get them to work. I’m new to this so probably doing something wrong.

Can you share the resulting SVG here? PM me if you don’t want to share publicly.

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