STL not loading

Hey Peeps,

So I’ve been trying to make this cribbage board concept for some time, and about to give up on something I thought the X-carve would make quick work on.

Here’s the deal. I load up my models using CATIA, save as STL. Import into Easel as STL, and the tool path won’t acknowledge the individual holes, but it shows them being cut in the “preview”. But, when I choose to follow the toolpath, the bit doesn’t even bother with these holes.

Additionally, the dimensions are off. So in my model, the board is an inch and a half thick. It comes into Easel at an Inch thick.


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your cutter is to large, change to smaller cutter and try again

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1/8" holes set at 7/16" depth. I have my cutter set at an 1/8" end mill. No dice.

But it raises a good point. If the model isn’t loading at the dimensions I created it, perhaps the holes are coming in too small. Any ideas why it’s not loading as modeled?

See attached. Separation lines not included, or step down level.

if reduced the size of STL? it will reduce the size of holes Also.
You are better off using an SVG/DXF instead.
It’s a good possibility the STL your work with is a print file.

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Can you please share a link to the file? I don’t see a reason this should have an issue.

Hey Zach, try this.

to share the Easel project you can go to Project>Share, then set it as “unlisted”, then copy the link shown there, then paste that link over here.

However from what I see in the images, this is a 2.5D design and there’s no good reason to not save the design as flat art work (SVG or DXF) and import that and use the 2.5D workspace. The design will carve MUCH faster and you’ll have better control of those holes.

IN the 3D workspace your finishing bit is too large. Due to the stepover of 3D finishing AND the bit being the exact same size as the hole, the bit will never plunge into the hole, it just wont work unless you use a smaller bit. And i think you really need 1/8" holed for the pegs to fit,… This is another reason why the 2.5D workspace using a SVG/DXF is preferred here.

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I can always count on you Seth. Thanks! Here’s the link but I’ll try the 2.5D in the meantime.

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I had tried the design previously in SVG, and it wasn’t giving me what I wanted…but now that you mention it, I think my bits were too big. I’ll try again using a smaller bit for the peg holes.

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this doesn’t fix the issue at hand BUT we’ve seen a LOT of issues when one entered the MODEL thickness Equal OR Larger than the Material Thickness…

the Red circled value should always be LESS than the Green value

**Technically the Red circled data PLUS the Z Position should be Less, but most people leave the Z position at 0 anyway…

Good tip, thanks!

The 2.5D worked this time. I tried a different approach, and also swapped out to the smaller bit size. Looks awesome. Thanks for your help!

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