STL to GCode Contract Work

Is there someone in here that offers to convert files (for a fee obviously) from STL to GCode to upload into Easel? For example, if I wanted to do the “wavy flag” design, is there someone I could pay to build the GCode based on STL and have it sent to me? (I sincerely apologize if this has been answered before, I did search and didn’t see anything)

did you have an stl you are looking at?

I wouldn’t reccomended ever running a gcode that someone else made…

But You can use the 90 day trial here, follow the tutorial and learn how to do it for no $…

(or $15/month if you want to keep the software after the 90 days free perioid)

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Try Meshcam. It has a free trial. It is very easy with an 7 step process to generate gcode. You have to just make some mouse clicks and decide some values for step over and feedrates, and the size of the material. Watch a video of it to see how easy it is. You will need to pick a Grbl post processor to run an x carve or similar machine. There is obviously a learning curve but not as hard as you may think. I have used the standard version for years and started with no knowledge of it myself. Now with all the media available, it is much more simple to get started. No affiliation…just a satisfied user.

 [MeshCAM - CNC Software - CAD/CAM Software (](

Simple Project with MeshCAM - YouTube

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I’ve used CAMLab. It’s online and free. Not sure what data it’s collecting. It’s worked well for the few projects I’ve thrown at it. A very good quality STL is required. If your STL has bad triangles, you will get cutting paths that dart off into space, which will break your bit or worse, so examine the results carefully. Keep your project small.

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