Stock power supply question

I just ordered Super PID and Gecko G540,should I also upgrade my stock power supply or it should be enough for my new set up? anyone can recommend a good power supply? Thank you…

Your 540 will take up to 50 VDC so the bigger 48 VDC power supply will help. I too will be running a 540 with the 48 VDC supply.

Try to find a 48 volt supply with 10amps. When you receive it, measure the output with a multimeter. There is a tiny pot (adjustment knob) you can dial in 48 volts. The last few power supplies I received were turned all the way up and produced higher voltages than they should have. My 48 volt supply was putting out 54 volts. 50 volts is the UPPER limit of the Gecko so you want to stay safely below that and 48 is more than plenty. I am very, very impressed and happy with the Gecko at 48 volts. WAY better than the generic 36 volt breakout and stepper drivers I was using.

Here is the one I bought that has only been in service for a month or so but it works (just adjust it down):

thanks for your help again,just ordered same one you have from amazon,now I just need to buy me a multimeter and learn how to use it hehe.