Stock stepper motors (4), z axis, brand new belts, corner plates/brackets, belt guides, wheels. All like new

I just bought/installed the complete Inventables upgrade kit.

My 1000x1000 is 20 months old, moderate/light use, never abused. Zero problems with anything listed here.

The following as a complete package is for sale:
-4 Stepper motors
-4 side rail brackets
-Z-Gantry (complete and perfect)
-All guide wheels
-6 Belt tensioner brackets and the belt clamps
-1 used and one NEW Z-access belt
-1 new in the package complete X-Carve X/Y belt (not cut)
-Multiple plastic printed shims to bring the X/Y on the gantry to a perfect 90 degrees (if needed)

Additional set of custom (Dewalt Yellow) made H/D plastic with magnets stepper motor covers (both Y and the Z motors). They just snap on. I added screws to the Z cover, because it rattles when in use, these screws tighten it to the gantry. I paid $50 alone for this set.

$120 + freight. Packed up, lets call it 9-1/2#. USPS from zipcode 92359 Whatever I pay for freight, you won’t be charged extra. Venmo preferred. Cash/Check also accepted, but check must clear before I ship the package.

Please private message me your phone number if you’d like to purchase. Additional photos available if needed.XCa1.PNG



Hi Mike. Any idea of shipping cost to 17815?

Brian, sorry I responded right away. Gmail kicked back the response today as unsent… Sorry.

See attached. Somewhere between $16.xx -$22.xx.

Whatever it costs me, you pay. Not charging for extra postage. I’ll probably ask for $23 from you, and refund the difference.

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