Stock stepper motors, z axis, belts, corner plates, all like new

My x carve I bought in early 2021 and has low low hours on it. I just bought the complete inventables upgrade kit.

I’m now left with 3 almost new stock stepper motors, belts, z axis, 4 stock riser plates, and all the smooth wheels also.

Interested ?

How much?

Obviously typo above, it is 4 motors not 3. Lol

Hmmm……100 shipped for all?

I saved every bolt washer and nut from the swap also.

Also is the z probe relocation bracket and kit, and the stock dwp611 collet and wrench and two green knobs for dust collection.

Not trying to make a bunch, I just tossed a number out. If interested at all please let me know. I can ship out in a day.

Seven how much?

Asking 100 shipped for all

That’s two people that asked. If you’re at all interested in any way let me know. I have no use for them.


I’ll do that shipped

Thanks will send you a message.

Do you accept paypal? Sorry new to this. Is it appropriate to send half now and half when I receive?

Sent message

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